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How To Wash Off The Handwriting (including Ballpoint Pen, Water Pen) On The Three Layer Pencil Case


Cleaning preparation: toothpaste, laundry detergent, water, a basin of water.

Step 1: Put the Three Layer Pencil Case stained with handwriting (including ballpoint pen, water pen) into the basin.

Step 2: Then pour an appropriate amount of laundry detergent into the basin (the laundry liquid can decompose the oil stains in the handwriting of the ballpoint pen and the water pen; and the laundry liquid has a cleaning effect).

Step 3: Then squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the basin (the toothpaste contains a cleaning agent that can clean the handwriting on the Three Layer Pencil Case).

Step 4: Then rub the handwriting (including ballpoint pen and water pen) on the pencil case with your hands.

Step 5: Then rinse the pencil case with clean water.

Step 6: The handwriting on the pen bag (including ballpoint pens, water pens) has been cleaned.

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