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How To Remove Handwriting Printed On Small Leather Pencil Case.


1. Gasoline or thinner is needed to print things on the bag. It should be wiped off with either of these two things, but the pressed print cannot be wiped off.

2. White electric oil (basically available in chemical stores), soak it with cotton cloth or gauze, and gently wipe off the traces on the Small Leather Pencil Case.

3. If there are obvious imprint marks, soak a thin gauze to cover the marks and iron them a few times.

4. Go to the dry cleaner to inquire.

5. Wipe the Small Leather Pencil Case with a clean cloth or cotton cloth (damp, not wet) first. Let it dry for a while. This does not damage the leather.

6. Then use a cotton swab dipped in wind oil to wipe the dirty place. In general, if the Small Leather Pencil Case in white or other light colors is dirty, do not leave it for too long or in a damp and unventilated place. This makes it difficult to scrub even with wind oil.

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